Machine vision software allows engineers and developers to design, deploy and manage vision applications. Vision applications are used by machines to extract and ingest data from visual imagery. Kinds of data available are geometric patterns (or other kinds of pattern recognition), object location, heat detection and mapping, measurements and alignments, or blob analysis.

“We develop software with the highest accuracy, fastest inspection and flexible ability”

My company does engineering consulting for testing and automation of production and lab environments. One of our specialties is machine vision, which is the use of cameras, lighting, and image processing to provide information about a process, whether that be inspection, sorting, or some type of guidance to another system. Machine vision development is a mixture of science and art so there is a lot of “try it and see what the result is” to the development combined with experience. The process is very iterative, which is where ST4I Vision Software really shines. It’s a standalone program that can run on PCs makes development and deployment extremely fast and because we have technology in our hand therefor so easy for us to change or adapt software to customer requirement.