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SL-003A Overhead /Desktop Ionizing Air Blower

1.SL-003A is an improved product base on SL-003.
2.Shorter casing for smaller space required.
3.Reserved the construction of SL-003 but with strong and concentrate air flow.
4.It can be desktop or overhead.

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Input Voltage 220VAC or 110VAC
Power Consumption 80VA
Operating Temperature -10℃ ~ +45℃
Air Volume Range (50~110)CFM * 3
Weight  5.2 kg
Size 600(L) x 170(W) x 120(H) (mm)
Testing Conditions Testing Voltage:1000V~100V,-1000V~-100V
Temperature:22℃±5℃    RH:≤60%
Distance: 300mm
Decay Time ≤1.3s
Offset Voltage -10V ~ +10V


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