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Network DC ionizing air blower SE-331N

1.Products with network communication function
2.Compatible with computer communication and real time monitor each ionizer within the network.
3.Ion balance self monitoring and automatic alarm.
 (When ion balance is positive and out of ion balance setting value, indicator will turn orange)
 (When ion balance is negative and out of ion balance setting value, indicator will turn red)
 (Indicator is green when ion balance is normal)
4.Rapid static elimination with large amount of ion output.
5.Reliable, anti-interference technology, interchangeable ion emitter.
6.Safe and reliable monitoring software can automatically save monitoring records for easy check.
7.Removable back grill for convenient maintenance
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Input Voltage 220V AC or 110V AC
 Power Consumption 331N – 20VA(Max.Fan Speed)
Operating Temperatuer ﹣10℃~+45℃
Air Volume Range 331N – ( 45~90 )CFM*1
Warning Voltage ﹣50V~+50V
 Size  331N – 110(D) x 190 (W) x 230 (H) mm
 Weight  331N – 1.7 Kg
Testing Conditions Testing Voltage : 1000V~100V,-1000V~-100V
Temperature : 22℃±5℃ RH :≤60%
 Distance : 300mm
Decay Time ≤1.3s
 Ion Balance ﹣10V~+10V


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